About Us

Why Listen to Fresh Food?

Here at Fresh Food, we aim to bring you the most information we can to help you when you’re shopping at your local grocery store.

Our podcasts are mainly focused on one or two items each to make them shorter and easier to consume.

We may sometimes miss a few things from time to time, so we urge you to let us know if you’d like to hear about anything we missed or any new topics that pique your interest.

The host of Fresh Food is Carlos Rodrigues. You can call him The Produce Guy as he’s been working in the industry since 1988. In that time, he’s accumulated a vast collection of knowledge of fruits and vegetables along with many tips and tricks relating to the selection and storage of fresh produce.

We also gather additional information from around the web to verify that the info we give is truthful and not just anecdotal.

With your help, we’d like to make Fresh Food the one stop to answer any questions you have about your fruits and vegetables for years to come.

Thank You!